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If you’re having a hard time finding who your Sim’s woohoo partner is, or if you’ve forgotten, this mod adds a new interaction, which is similar to the ‘Try To Get Over Crush’. You no longer need to check the relationship panel of everyone your Sims know or tell their woohoo partner face to face.

Click on the current Sim and you will find the ‘End WooHoo Partnership’ interaction. Of course, you can still click on the target Sim to end the woohoo partnership.


This mod is built with game version 1.99.305.

This mod requires the script file of Xml Injector, you can find it here.


This mod doesn’t alter any in-game files and uses new resources, it should be compatible with other mods.



Xml Injector (by Scumbumbo, Triplis) (Published on: 2023-09-04 12:00:00)

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