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Recently I came across some issue reports about open outdoor trash cans without a lid. First is when playable sims or NPC knock it, it’s impossible to pick it up or interact with it in any other way. The second is that sims are unable to properly dispose trash in the trash can, and instead simply leave trash piles nearby or try to empty the indoor trash bin endlessly.

It turned out that game has different tunings for closed trash cans (with lid) and open ones (without lid). The open trash can tuning misses some interactions, including those to kick it over and pick it up. I’ve overrode the tuning and added all of the missing interactions keeping the differing parameter related to the lid.

The fix affects all of the EA and CC trash cans using the same object tuning. Sims will be able to interact normally with all the open trash cans, however, the side effect is that they’ll be able to kick those concrete-looking trash cans, which isn’t logical. I think this is still an acceptable compromise – please tell me if having any issues.

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Sims4Studio and EA. (Published on: 2023-11-13 12:00:00)

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