Western-Themed Horseballs

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If you’ve ever lived on a ranch, or have Sim who does, you know that life on the ranch is no day at the beach.

So, why do your horse toys all look like beach balls?

Don’t let that Welcome Posse turn into a Hanging Party when the neighbors see you violating the Homeowners Association’s “Western-theme-only” decoration policy. Rather than let eye-gougingly bright beach balls spoil your carefully crafted Western-themed ranch or faux Old West village, you can use these Western-themed horseballs instead.

There are 18 swatches in all. Some look like tumbleweeds, some are made of hay, some are made of burlap bags, some look like big cowboy bandanas, some have thematic patterns (like the Lone Star and the Pueblo Blanket) and some are just made of vaguely dark and rough-hewn material.

They cost they same as the regular horse toy but will be a tad less embarrassing when your neighbors visit. (Published on: 2023-11-13 01:52:51)

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