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You AND your Sims deserve a broader selection of music on your stereos. Thanks to Sasha T1804’s ingenious Radio Channel Generator, we can now offer you a new station: The Bossa Nova Hits Channel!

NOTE: You MUST download and install the Custom Channels Injector for these stations to show up on your music devices in-game.

Do you know what the deepest problem with the Sims 4 is, my friends? It is that the game is much too exciting. All these peoples running about with the screaming, and the many needy animals, and the flashing cameras of the paparazzi. It strains the ears; it wearies the soul.

But for you, my friends, we have the solution: the Bossa Nova Hits Channel. The songs need no words, for the music speaks directly to the soul. It is likely pouring the honey into your ears or sinking into the most pleasant of quicksands. Is your Sim trapped in an elevator in San Myshuno? Is the toilet aflame? Has a malicious plant consumed a relative? Do not despair. Place the earbuds into the ears, my friends, and be soothed by the most peaceful musical genre ever devised, from the Bossa Nova Hits Channel

The Bossa Nova Hits will be available on all stereos and music devices and show up as a choosable and developable Preference Trait in CAS. It is not for the energetic dancing, no. But it delights for slow-dancing with your Signifcant Sim.

The Bossa Nova Hits Channel features 17 tracks, downloaded from royalty-free sources. They will all sound familiar, even though you have never heard them before; so it is with Bossa Nova sound.

(Published on: 2023-11-12 12:00:00)

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