Rainy Road Full Animated Loading Screen

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Atmospheric autumn loading screen with fullscreen animation!


While learning how to create custom loading screens, I decided to go a little further than just replacing the background or the original plumbob and create a fullscreen animation that will brighten up the game loading time instead. Hope you like the result.


The file size is quite large, but in my own testing it isn’t too heavy for the game and does not increase loading time. If you play with minimal or no mods and CC, you might even want to add some to enjoy the screen a little longer =)


If using Dark Mode UI or other color UI mods make sure to delete their loading screen component. And don’t forget to take out of your Mods folder any other loading screen if having it.


20CenturyPlumbob for the original neon plumbob,

Authors of various guidelines about custom loading screens,

Free Flash Decompiler, Sims4Studio and EA. (Published on: 2023-11-11 12:00:00)

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