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Earned scholarships lower the credit requirement for finishing University. Skilled Sims can finish a degree in a week.

I like my sims to have degrees, but I don’t want to spend 3 weeks (at least) in university every time, not to mention the extra time for a second degree. If a sim is skilled enough or high enough in their career their credit requirement should be lowered.

This mod:

– lowers the credit requirement for degrees from 12 to 8 credits. This way, with no scholarships or bonuses, a sim can finish University in two weeks (full course load).

– makes it so Skill & Career scholarships give credits towards finishing University. With enough scholarships a sim can lower the requirement to 1 credit per semester and get a degree in a week.

– if no scholarships exist, already earned degrees also give credits.

– residence and financial help scholarships do not count towards credit entitlements.

This mod does not change the scholarships themselves or the degree requirements or costs. Sims will still need to apply and wait for scholarships to be awarded.

Will conflict with any mod also overriding this resource:


Scholarships that give credits:

Alley Cat


Building The Future


Food And Drink

Friend Of The Animals

Future Star

The Great Outdoors

Super Scout

Workplace Scholar

Expansion Packs

Discover University

(Published on: 2023-11-12 12:00:00)

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