Nectar Allows Toilet Vomiting

Game Mods Overrides Tuning Mods

This mod requires Horse Ranch Pack.

This simple mod allows sims to vomit in the toilet after drinking 4 cups of nectar.

Also, the Nectar Buff is not removed by vomiting, so sims will vomit multiple times for the duration of the buff.(This is the same feature as in real life)

This mod added “buff_Object_RanchNectar_PassedOut” to the whitelist of buffs that allow vomiting in the original toilet vomit tuning. I haven’t made any other changes.

This can be used with my “Standing Throw Up Enable” mod.

On the other hand, “Toilet Throw Up Without Mood/Buff” cannot be used together. However,This MOD has files with almost the same functionality.

I considered it as part of this mod, but I decided to upload it as a separate mod for those who want a simple mod.

Overridden tuning

E882D22F!00000000!0000000000003861.toilet_Puke.InteractionTuning (Published on: 2023-09-05 12:00:00)

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