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When the SDX drop about the unwearable backpacks and the mini-fridge lunchbox dropped I was so pissed about it because it broke one of my most liked features of the game: the Simple Living Lot Challenge. In fact when you select the challenge, the lunchbox still give you ALL of the FREE quick meals available, something that fridges have hidden. It completely defeats my playstyle and they also did it on PURPOSE this time.

They advertised this as great thing for family gameplay, ESPECIALLY FOR TODDLERS, while they can’t even use it!

Also, why not simply have to pay for the quick meals or have a very limited selection of them if you have the Lot Challenge on? I can basically replace my fridges with this, and have unlimited free food.

Anyway, back to the mod, this makes so that lunchboxes are actually BOXES where you store food inside of them, much like the picnic baskets from Cottage Living, and toddlers are also able to pick food other sims store in them.


  • Added support for the useless kid d├Ęcor lunchbox from Base Game.
  • Now if you don’t play with the Simple Living lot challenge you’ll have the vanilla Maxis quick meals and quick drinks interactions, while if you have the challenge on, the lunchboxes will work as picnic baskets.
  • Added prices for quick meals and drinks.
  • Toddlers can actually use the lunchboxes with the Maxis quick meals/drinks options.

Made 2 Versions of the mod. One will make lunchboxes ALWAYS work as a picnic baskets only, while the other works as a picnic basket only when the “Simple Living” lot challenge is on.


Special thanks to Ttlafree and Menaceman44 for the suggestions!

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(Published on: 2023-09-06 12:00:00)

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