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Hi! This is my new version of the 4 scenery photos that i’ve previously done. So, if you have previously downloaded them, then consider deleting them cuz this one’s better!^^

So i have here for you 2 new meshes and 1 item recolour.

This upload contains 2 new meshes, ie, 4 photo frames with all 12 scenes and 4 frame recolours. And another mesh of 2 photo frames with 8 scenes and 4 frame recolours.

This was my original first Sims 4 object. I originally wanted just recolours of ‘Pear Essentials’ which I did. But then, I thought, one single frame at a time looks so lonely and spaced out. So I made 4 of them clustered together! Then i made 2 frames. i also wanted to add better textures and better pictures to use as standalone photos.

The scenes are: Valley, meadow, village with a small bridge, beach and castles. The styles are vivid paintings, black & white + sepia photos and green impressionism. Those are all done by me. The frames are, maxis textures, but edited.

You can recolour the frame with your Sim’s family pics if you want to.

There are 3 items:

1. 4 Scenery Photos (Price 35 Simoleans) + 12 recolours

2. 2 Scenery Photos Right (Price 35 Simoleans) + 8 recolours

3. Scenery Photos (Price 15 Simoleans) + 12 recolours of 1 photo frame (Original is ‘Pear Essentials’)

It’s available under Decorations> Clutter and have their own thumbnails as seen on pic.

Since it’s a new mesh and the recolours are off of a base game object, hence they both should work fine with only base game installed.

I’ve included all 3 of the items in the .rar so it’s up to you. If you want them all, or have just one kind, it’s up to you.

Additional Credits:

Huge thanks to orangemittens of S4S community for guiding me with her tuts and also helping me correct my problems.

Made using The Sims 4 Studios

Mesh made using Autodesk Maya and Blender. (Published on: 2023-09-07 12:00:00)

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