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I hate inconsistencies so much. When I saw that horses have their own tooltip that displays their needs information compared to the nothingness of Cats&Dogs I had to do something. Unfortunately I tried to make the tooltip for the needs available for Cats&Dogs too, but it seems to be UI hardcoded and I had to find alternatives.

This mod makes so that you can check your pets informations via handy notifications that are able to display current Needs, Fears, Obsessions, Trained Behaviors and a list of all of the Behavior for the type of pet (small dog, big dog, cat).

I’m fine NOT being able to contol my pets, but at least give me a frigging option to see my pets infos LIKE THE SIMS 2. It’s not a lot of work to add some Quality of life features like this, Sims Team! I also made sure to put the “Open Profile” and “Plan Outfits” Interactions on them since horses have those too.

If you use the “Selectable Pets Always” mod by charitycodes I also made sure to give the Fears and Obsessions proper icons and trait types so you can directly check those from the UI.


  • Added French Translation (thanks to heidi137).


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(Published on: 2023-09-13 12:00:00)

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