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– Hides various things in build + buy mode, so they won’t come up in the catalogue even if you search for them. I’m sure we’re all tired of seeing those big jazz paintings and 2-poly chairs.

– I didn’t include every single thing, only things I myself find hideous and offensive to the eye, so it’s likely the things you don’t like are in this download.

– Some packages might be in the wrong folder because the ‘storage’ category has always confounded me for some reason.

– Some items have the exact same name, so don’t delete things like “drafting table2” because that’s not an error.


base game: 564 items hidden

get together: 110 items hidden

city living: 145 items hidden

cats + dogs: 157 items hidden

seasons: 88 items hidden

get famous: 195 items hidden

island living: 60 items hidden

discover uni: 75 items hidden

eco lifestyle: 68 items hidden

snowy escape: 57 items hidden

spa day: 95 items hidden

dine out: 91 items hidden

parenthood: 25 items hidden

strangerville: 65 items hidden

dream home decorator: 13 items hidden

my wedding stories: 26 items hidden


sept 18, 2023: fixed “grande vase” in base game folder

sept 10, 2023: added spa day, dine out, parenthood, strangerville, dream home dec, wedding stories

sept 9, 2023: added get famous, island living, discover uni, eco lifestyle, snowy escape

sept 8, 2023: added get together, city living, cats + dogs, seasons

How to Use:

– If you like something and don’t want it to be hidden, delete that package.

– I suggest using s4s to view items if you want to pick and choose. (Published on: 2023-09-14 12:00:00)

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