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PART 1 (Custom Potions, and Cauldron)

This is a project I have been working on awhile – custom potions. They are not replacement potions for the Realm of Magic game pack.

I tuned a cauldron that was in the Realm of Magic pack (the expensive one) to allow these custom potions to be usable (you can’t just use the original cauldrons in the game) – I named it the “Cauldron Of Enchantment.”

As for the actual potions, they have the same function as the originals, but they have different names, they require different ingredients (ingredients I have made, tuned, and already uploaded.) They also have a new, custom bottle, and different colors and textures.

What’s In the Downloads, PART ONE:

-Cauldron Of Enchantment (tuned from the original cauldron)

-Potion Of Beauty

-Potion Of Charms

-Potion Of Eternity

-Potion Of Happiness

-Potion Of Intelligence

-Potion Of Luck

-Potion Of Making Enemies

-Potion Of Perks

-Potion Of Persuasion

-Potion Of Purity

-Potion Of Reawakening

-Potion Of Sickness

What’s In The Downloads, PART TWO:

-LB’s Vendor Mod Update

(t updates the vendor in the Realm of Magic, so you can buy my custom ingredients – magic ingredients, potions, and wands.)


1. These potions are only usable with the custom-tuned cauldron (Cauldron Of Enchantment)

2. These are not replacements for the original potions, even though they have the same functions (they have a new name, look, and use custom ingredients)

3. The potions are usable (drinkable) and sellable, and have all the functions that the original potions have

4. Listed below, are the potion names, the required ingredients for them (some of them are from the Realm of Magic game pack, the original game (such as rocks, stones, crystals) and custom ingredients I have made, posted, and will link to this page.


1. Potion Of Plentiful Needs (Potion Of Happiness)

-(Bottle Of Laughter)

2. Potion Of Alluring Aura (Potion Of Charms)

-(Unicorn Tears, Fairy Dust, Valerian Root)

3. Potion OF Good Fortune (Potion Of Luck)

(Shamrock Luck, Emerald)

4. Potion Of Magical Aura (Potion Of Beauty)

(Fairy Dust, Ruby)

5.Potion Of Forced Friendship (Potion Of Persuasion)

-(Fairy Dust, Diamond, Ruby)

6. Potion Of Immortality (Potion Of Eternity)

-(Alabaster, Unicorn Tears, Mermaid Scales, Fairy Dust)

7. Potion Of Curse Cleansing (Potion Of Purity)

-(Unicorn Tears, Fairy Dust, Rose, Diamond)

8. Potion Of Resurrection (Potion Of Reawakening)

-(Shamrock Luck, Ruby, Sage)

9. Potion Of The Nimble Mind (Potion Of Intelligence)

-(Turquoise, Bottle Of Rainbows)

10. Potion Of Nausea (Potion Of Sickness)

-(Valerian Root, Potion Of Anger)

11. Potion Of Masterful Insults (Potion Of Making Enemies)

-(Dragon’s Blood, Fire Opal, Valerian Root)

12. Potion Of The Perk Purging (Potion Of Perks)

-(Fairy Dust, Mermaid Scales)

13. Potion Of Emotional Stability (Potion Of Strength)

-(Shamrock Luck, Emerald)


The Vendor download is so you can have access to my custom-made ingredients (such as fairy dust, dragon’s blood, mermaid scales), and wands. The custom-made potions themselves are not purchasable through this mod at the vendor.


Here are the links to the ingredients I used in these potions, and the non-friendly (or dark magic ingredients) ones will be posted in another link. Only one of that kind was used (Bottle Of Anger)

LINK ONE (usable in these potions) Magic Ingredients:

Magic Ingredients

LINK TWO Dark Magic Ingredients:

Dark Magic Ingredients

Thank you and happy simming!

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(Published on: 2022-07-13 12:00:00)

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