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Hello simmers,

Here is a new edition to my custom sim desserts – six cakes, each with a new and different texture. I used the original cake mesh from the game EP1 (Get To Work) – of the wedding cake. Each of the cakes are tuned and only usable/can be baked with my “Food Enabler Mod.”

What’s In The Download:

-Candy Cake

-Granny’s Gingerbread Cake

-Golden Treasure Cake

-Party Pizzazz Cake

-Peeps Cake

-Purple Peacock Cake


-These cakes can only be made by sims using my custom mod “Laurenbell’s Recipe Book” – which is also downloadable on this site (a link will be posted)

-The cakes will be in the section of “Laurenbell’s Cakes” in the pie menu of my mod

-Gourmet Cooking skill 5 is required to make these cakes and for them to be visible in the pie menu of my mod

-There are no ingredients in these cakes

-These cakes can be baked, eaten, or sold

MOD (Laurenbell’s Recipe Book):

Laurenbell’s Food Enabler Mod

Thank you – happy simming! (Published on: 2022-07-14 12:00:00)

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