Balanced Self Care Interactions

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Negative emotions should have added depth and challenge to overcome them in our sims lives but unfortunately they are extremely easy to get rid of, making them not much fun and impactful. Did someone die in your family so your sim is depressed? Well, just buy a mirror and give yourself a pep talk a few times so their depression will completely disappear and sims become happy again. -.-

Things included in this mod are:

  • Reduced a lot the rate at which the emotional self care interactions make the buffs decrease so it feels more balanced.
  • Made the mirror emotional interactions (Calm down/Pep talk) ONLY AVAILABLE for lower emotion intensities because it doesn’t make sense that enraged or depressed sims are able to have any sort of self-control, except hysterical ones, in fact only hysterical sims will be able to calm themselves down when in the playful mood. Having them already have the option to calm down when playful didn’t make much sense, so that interaction will not be shown.
  • Fixed the progress bar not showing when “calming down” when tense/playful.
  • The “mourn” interaction when mourning a tombstone will actually make the death buffs decrease a little bit unlike false advertised in the vanilla game!

(Published on: 2023-06-21 12:00:00)

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