A Sunny Disposition

Buy Mode By Function Dining Tables Surfaces

I made a recolor of a grill, a table and a loveseat which works great as an outdoor space on a lazy afternoon.

Objects can be found here:


*Objects by room/outdoor/grills – §500


*Objects by room/outdoor/seating – §100


*Objects by room/Dining room/Dining tables – §100

These items can also be found if you search it by name, “A Sunny Disposition”

If there’s any issues, please contact me.

Happy Simming and stay safe!

XoXo (Published on: 2023-06-20 12:00:00)

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Ptsy_ASunnyDisposition_OutdoorTable.rar 0 Download
Ptsy_ASunnyDisposition_OutdoorBench.rar 0 Download
Ptsy_ASunnyDisposition_Grill.rar 0 Download
Ptsy_ASunnyDisposition_ALL.rar 0 Download

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