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Happy Pride month! I’m releasing my pride flag cc after sitting on it for more than half a year!

This is just a small set of swatches compared to the endless number of identities out there, but I hope this makes you and your Sims feel seen. I may revisit the flag textures in the future or add more swatches but I wanted to get this out there before the month was over.

True Colors is a new wall flag mesh with 12 pride flag swatches and a bonus BLM swatch in Simlish.

  • base game mesh edit of the triple flag from Discover University
  • low poly, all LODs – LOD 0 is 562 polygons
  • 12 color tagged pride flags + bonus Black Lives Matter flag
  • Simlish text on BLM swatch for maximum immersion
  • a reasonable §60 simoleons each
  • found in the Wall Sculpture and Wall Decoration categories (and should also show up in the outdoors section of the catalog)
  • included recolor PSD so you can add your own swatches, just please link to this post if you share them anywhere

Catalog description:

Let your colors fly! Our flags have been tested in the freezing winds of Mt. Komorebi and the blazing sun of Oasis Springs and are guaranteed to fly through anything. The True Colors flag collection has been constructed of heavy duty polyester with reinforced grommets, a rustproof steel pole and mounting hardware, and come in many designs – you’re sure to find one that fits you.

This is one of my earliest mesh edits from when I started making cc last year. I made this for a personal build (specifically for the Progress pride flag). I hit a wall while making this because of an animated shader on the original flag base. I wasn’t able to figure out how to remap which parts were animated and which weren’t so I used a static base mesh instead. I took another stab at trying to understand the VertexAnim shader (it doesn’t seem to be vertex paint controlled despite the name implying so) but didn’t get anywhere so this is still not animated – see previous tumblr posts on how the animation wasn’t working out.

Note: I am a queer, nonbinary transmasc person and I wasn’t intending to represent a complete set of identities and sexualities. If you are unhappy with the swatches included, you are free to make your own recolors with my template and share those (please link back to this post if you do). (Published on: 2023-06-19 12:00:00)

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