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So, this is the first mod I’ve ever made. I can be pretty pedantic, and one thing that really bugged me was that “wild rabbits” in Cottage Living came in several coat patterns that are by no means natural or wild. Seeing rabbits that clearly had been bred and domesticated running around as “wild rabbits” nagged me: so today finally, I fixed it, and in the spirit of triumph, I share this with you, hoping that some other people might actually want this, too.

This comes in several flavors:

Basic Mode: Contains natural, brown, grey, black, and white coats. Black and white, seal point, and calico are removed. I left a bit more room in here than is strictly realistic, for a bit of variation. When I first uploaded this, I thought I had removed black, but it turns out that I didn’t. Instead of changing the upload, I decided to leave it as-is for a bit more fantasy style variation. Other modes are much more strict and realistic, so I think it’s well-balanced as is.

Purist Mode: Contains natural, brown, and white coats. Black and white, grey, black, seal point, and calico are removed. Brown and white are left in to reflect variations in desert and cold-climate species.

Purist Extreme: Natural coat only. This should be immersive with most neighborhood maps. This is what I recommend for historical-focus players, and it should pair nicely with other mods that alter the environment to be less developed or more natural.

Winter Season: White coat only. I suggest swapping between this and Purist Extreme when writing sims stories: such as for winter story arcs, or ski vacations in Komorebi.

Dark Tidings: Black coat only. For those discerning individuals who demand a bunny rabbit as dark as their wretched soul.

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(Published on: 2022-07-28 12:00:00)

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