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2023-11-12 (NO NEED TO REDOWNLOAD) – I saw comments of people requesting the other lot traits unlocked, but Bessy has unlocked all the traits and included a version that’s compatible with my mod! https://modthesims.info/download.php?t=680845

2023-11-08 – Changed the decay rate for apartment problems back to the default (the mod originally made the decay right slower by 50%)


I very much dislike expansion packs giving fun and unique gameplay just to lock it to a world and forget about it. So I just decided to just make a mod to at least try to allow more options. Some modders have unlocked the City Living locked lot traits or the gameplay objects associated with them before. However, many have abandoned their mods and there were some issues that occurred with the apartment problems themselves.

The mod unlocks every single locked Lot Trait in the City Living expansion pack for you to place on other lots. This mod also contains a fix for the vent that is supposed to have goo puddles ooze out of it, but used to be broken in vanilla game. The roach and random smell spawners have a tile now to make them visible. Roaches can be placed anywhere as long as they’re on a wall, I am not sure what objects will stop sims from fixing the roach problem but counters/coffee tables/desks do not seem to obstruct the routing. And of course, all the gameplay objects associated with the traits are unlocked, and functional.

The locked traits do not have much gameplay impact themselves and are not required for the objects to function.

The completely empty lot traits are:

Low Deposit


Romantic Fireplace (the unlocked fireplace provides a flirty moodlet, and doesn’t require the trait to function)

Needs TLC (utility box, water pipes, vent that can spawn goo puddles, random smell, roaches, mouse hole can be placed and do not require the trait to be selected)

Historical (there is a plaque with about 9 swatches made to go with it, but doesn’t require the trait)

Great View (gorgeous modern windows with one side being much less visible and a deep teal blue, the windows provide a positive moodlet and do not require the trait)

The functional lot traits are:

Lively Neighbors (only provides functions to apartments) – increases chances for neighbor situations to happen (the doors that have hearts or swear signs popping up)

Quiet (only provides functions to apartments) – I’m not 100% sure if it stops the situations completely or just lowers the chances for the situations to happen.

Pricey – provides a constant positive moodlet to sims living on the lot.

Serviced Apartment – provides a maid with no fees to come to the lot and keep it neat and tidy.

The objects can be found in the wall decorations section in build mode. The windows and the fireplace can be found in their own categories. Build items don’t get deleted if you buy a lot unfurnished!

For future updates, if those ever happen, I would like to add some kind of pros and cons to the non-functional traits, but as of right now, I’m not skilled enough for that.


I could not figure out how to make the roach and random smell spawners invisible without needing to use the swatch tool because the VFX would turn invisible with the spawner tile, so you will need to place the spawners and then use the swatch tool to change them into the invisible swatch. Fortunately, you can use the swatch tool if you remember where you placed the spawners as the footprint is still active and you can select it. If you don’t remember where you placed the spawners, wait for the roaches/smell to spawn.




My dying brain that managed to not give up on learning all this

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City Living

(Published on: 2023-10-23 12:00:00)

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