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A minor tweak but a tweak nonetheless, this changes the default The Sims 4 need decay speed to one that is used by The Sims 2. I did this because people said that needs were unbalanced, and by considering that hunger decay rate is 30% more than The Sims 2, I can see why.

Note: This is different from the other needs decay mod as this one sets it to The Sims 2 levels, while that one you set the change for all needs equally

Changes (All of these are in per sim minute)

Hunger’s decay rate was decreased from 0.2083 to 0.1405

Bladder is almost the same, changed from 0.1736 to 0.171

Fun’s rate was decreased from 0.1488 to 0.1161

Energy is almost the same, changed from 0.1389 to 0.134

Social’s decay is increased from 0.0868 to 0.1161

Hygiene’s decay was increased a lot, from 0.0694 to 0.134

I hope this mod leads to a fun sims experience!


Made with version 1.7.65


v1.0 release!

Will conflict with any mod that tries to modify the following files







Additional Credits:

velocitygrass for sims4xmlextractor

Kuree for s4pe (Published on: 2015-05-31 12:00:00)

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