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✔Game tested and compatible with 1.99 patch



Added an old Base Game stone item. It seems that I never used it for my builds and even did not notice, but finally decided to move it into an appropriate category even though it’s technically not a rug.

Another brilliant idea from Plasticbox that I decided to update and expand – it has much more logic to have stones categorized as rocks and leave cluttered enough rugs category for “textile” items only.

So what does this mode do?

This removes eight items from rugs category of buy mode and adds them to rocks cat. of build mode instead.

What’s included?

Two Get Together stone pavers,

Stone rugs from Jungle Adventure, Realm of Magic, two from Journey to Batuu (the graffiti-style swatches included),

Snowy Escape garden rock,

Courtyard Oasis mosaic.

As usual, there are two versions available – a merged one and seperated files to choose from.

What did I change?

I’ve changed the Tags for these items in their Object Catalog resources for all swatches.


Plasticbox for the initial mod and idea, Sims4Studio and EA.

Expansion Packs

Get Together
Snowy Escape
High School Years

(Published on: 2022-03-25 12:00:00)

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