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?Game tested and compatible with 1.102 patch


Initial release

The cute bikini from Poolside Splash Kit has a mesh bug that doubles sim’s feet with any footwear except default nude one. If this annoys you too, click “Me too” under the AHQ bug report.

Until the EA team fixes this, I’ve replaced the buggy mesh with a closest one from another basegame swimsuit. Upon close examination of the preview picture you can see very minor differencies on the sim’s body area before and after, but I think it’s not as critical as the initial bug. As you can see my sim uses a custom body preset and the fix is fully compatible with it.

What’s included?

An override for the Retro Cut Bikini from Poolside Splash Kit (SP44).

The CASPart, all Geometry LODs and Region Map resources are overriden as I did not change the initial mesh, but replaced it with another one from basegame. Textures are linked, so Poolside Splash Kit is required.


Sims4Studio and EA. (Published on: 2023-10-19 12:00:00)

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