Portable. The Ambassador toilet and The patrician sink mesh override.

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Hello everyone. Your sims go on vacation and have no bathrooms there ? These meshes override are for you.

I have tuned the Ambassador toilet and The Patrician sink so they can go to sims inventory and sims can carry them to their vacation so its perfect for your traveling sims.

Here its a youtube video of how to use this toilet.

One feature of this kit its that if you have cloned The ambassador and The patrician and you have installed in your mods folders these overrides, the toilet and sink will become automatically portable!!

The Ambassador its live drag enabled but the sink not. You need to click on it and put in the inventory this way and when the sink is in your inventory you need to click on it and select put in the world.

This overrides are lighter so it will have minimun conflict with the same overrides


This mod was written and tested on Windows for The Sims 4 version It may be compatible with earlier versions of the game, and it may not.

This meshes override some tuning resources, this will conflict with any mods that modified this tuning resources:

Object OBJD instances XML Tuning instance
The Ambassador toilet 0x0000000000003DD5, 0x000000000000F903, 0x000000000000F904 0x0000000000009019
The Patrician sink The sink its not live drag enabled 0x0000000000008F35


Just unzip the rar file in your mods folder.

Any comments would be highly appreciated

Additional Credits:

, scumbumbo for tell me how to lived rag objects. Completely made with The sims 4 studio “Joy”. (Published on: 2015-06-20 12:00:00)

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