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* V.1 is the most up to date version *

*July 14th: added fix (for Pumpkin Juice buff, and for teas being in appetiser/main menus in restaurants)*

….Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble….


* if you want to skip this, please still make sure to read below about recipes and pack requirements, as there is a lot of pack integration!

Occult gameplay is up there with one of my favourite ways to play. Food is a part of our Sims lives, and should also be for occults so that they can cook up their preferred foods.

This Recipe Grimoire is a collection of custom recipes (food and drink) for Occult Sims in the Sims 4. There are 5 swatches to start with, I’m sure I’ll be adding more!

I have started off this occult culinary journey with: ?SPELLCASTERS?

I have plans to later create foods for each occult life state, so I will keep adding to the recipe book for mermaids, werewolves, vampires, plantsims and aliens.

“Spellcasters” as a life state can be played in so many different ways: they can range from gnarly evil witches who practice black magic and eat bird entrails, to happy little fairies who live in cottages surrounded by woods and flowers! I have tried to include a little bit of everything in the recipes I have created. These foods are a mix of fairy, fantasy, green garden witch, apothecary, or black-magic sorcerer etc.

They effect Spellcasters and/or human Sims in many weird and wonderful ways.

E.g. Nettle Tea which helps teenagers suffering with acne, Milk Thistle Biscuits which leave the consumer with prickly thistles in their tongue, and Eye of Newt Soup which most Sims will find disgusting but which Spellcasters will happily slurp up.


39 new recipes for your Spellcaster Sims!

~ Realm of Magic is required for the recipes below ~

??I really like cross-pack integration, and so it is important to read the pack recommendations (in bold) for each recipe, just to make sure you don’t have anything missing or not working in your game. ??

If something isn’t working, please feel free to let me know and let me know what packs you have


(Lvl 1, H) Dandelion Salad – Spellcaster buff & will increase gardening skill faster, fills PlantSim hunger – Outdoor Retreat

(Lvl 1, H) Nettle Soup – Outdoor Retreat

(Lvl 1, H) Pumpkin Pasties

(Lvl 1, H) Pomegranate Halves – Will increase a SC’s fertility – Outdoor Retreat

(Lvl 1, H) Elderberry Jam Toast

(Lvl 2, H) Toadstool Soup – SC will be inspired, normal Sims won’t like this dish – Cottage L

(Lvl 2, H) Soft-Boiled Golden Eggs – another way to eat golden eggs! Will make Sims glow and glitter – Cottage L

(Lvl 3, H) Salamander Stew – SCs will like this, other Sims will find it strange.

(Lvl 4, H) Valerian Root Pie – SCs will like this, other Sims won’t. Decreases SC charge.

(Lvl 4, H) Eye of Newt Soup – Disgusting to all Sims except SCs.

(Lvl 5, B) Spiced Honey Bread – SCs will increase all skills faster – GtW, Seasons

(Lvl 5, H) Raised Newt Pie – Disgusting to all Sims except SCs.

(Lvl 6, G) Dragon Livers – Werewolves will love these, regular sims won’t, and for SC it’s normal food – Werewolves

(Lvl 8, H) Raised Phoenix Pie – Sims will randomly breath fire for a while – Cool Kitchen


(Lvl 1, B) Toadstool Cookies – GtW

(Lvl 1, H) Soul Cakes

(Lvl 3, H) Milk Thistle Biscuits – yummy, but chance it may leave uncomfortable thistles in a Sim’s tongue

(Lvl 3, H) Fairy Bread – GtW

(Lvl 2, H) Huckleberry Pie – Outdoor Retreat

(Lvl 4, H) Juniper Berry Jam Biscuits

(Lvl 5, G) Huckleberry Jam Cream Puffs – makes SCs playful – Outdoor Retreat

(Lvl 5, H) Honeycomb Cakes – SCs will increase all skills faster – Seasons

(Lvl 6, H) Valerian Custard Tart

(Lvl 8, H) Cursed Cookies – wouldn’t recommend cooking these for your friends and loved ones… eating one may leave the SC eater cursed. ‘Good’ Sims will sense the evil inside and get sad.


*Requires Cottage L

(Lvl 1, C) Gooseberry Jam – Cottage L

(Lvl 2, C) Elderberry Jam – Cottage L

(Lvl 4, C) Rosehip Jelly – Cottage L


*Bar/alcoholic drinks require Mixology skill, and a Bar.

(Lvl 0 / 1) Pumpkin Juice

Lvl 1, H) Acorn Coffee – Get Together

(Lvl 1, H) Sage Tea – soothes stress and anger, SC’s are focused and improve logic skills faster – Outdoor Retreat, Cottage L

(Lvl 1, H) Nettle Tea – helps with acne – Outdoor Retreat, Get Together, Cottage L

(Lvl 2, H) Lavender Tea – Sims will become flirty – Outdoor Retreat

(Lvl 2, H) Butterbeer – Gives SC confidence & decreases SC charge – Get Together

(Lvl 2, M) Nettle Wine – Dine Out

(Lvl 4, H) Willow Bark Tea – A home remedy to cure most illnesses, food poisoning etc – Outdoor Retreat, Get Together, Cottage L

(Lvl 3, M) Dandelion Wine – SC and PlantSims’s like this. It will fill up PlantSim’s hunger – Dine Out

(Lvl 3, M) Mandrake Ale – Get Together

(Lvl 4, M) Elderberry Wine – Dine Out

Lvl 5, H) Mugwort Tea – reduces fear – Outdoor Retreat, Cottage L


1. Download the most up to date Recipe book.

(In game it can be found in Build/Buy mode > Appliances, or by searching “Recipe Grimoire”

2. Download zipped recipe folder, and delete any recipes you don’t want

A note to Windows PC users: please delete the MACOSX file from the unzipped folder and delete it, or your game will not load.

I really hope you like it

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Realm of Magic

(Published on: 2023-06-13 12:00:00)

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