No Washing Dishes In Bathroom

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No Washing Dishes In Bathroom is a conflict-safe script that prevents Sims from ever using any bathroom sink* to wash dishes. *Sinks count as bathroom sinks if they are in a room that contains a toilet.

  • Both manual and autonomy action of cleaning up dishes will never use bathroom sinks.
  • If a kitchen sink is not available, Sims will rather use a trash can to clean up dishes than use a bathroom sink.
  • Only sinks that are in the same room as a toilet count as bathroom sinks.
  • Sims will still use bathroom sinks for every other available action.

The No Washing Dishes In Bathroom Mod is a TS4SCRIPT file. You are required to place it directly in the Mods folder or one folder deep, otherwise it will not function!

This mod does not conflict with other tuning mods that affect sinks or cleaning up dishes.

If you’re looking for a mod that offers more flexibility and options, try the Don’t Wash Dishes Where You Angry Poop by Scumbumbo (maintained by LeRoiDeTout).

The ‘No Washing Dishes In Bathroom’ mod does not work with the ‘Don’t Wash Dishes Where You Angry Poop’ mod. (Published on: 2023-06-27 12:00:00)

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