No Tune After Loading

Game Mods Overrides Recategorisers and Hiders

Hate the Ta-Da-Daa Ta-Da-Daa Ta-Da Ta-Taa Da-Da-Daaaa tune after loading the game? Heard it so many times it makes you sick? How about the tune after traveling to another location? The No Tune After Loading mod removes both of these tunes from the game so you don’t have to hear them again.

This is especially recommended for any creators of mods that have to turn the game on a 100 times a day


  • bumper_new_game | 0x6D2108430AA4F080
  • bumper_travel_lot_success | 0xE79C7D94C67D7B07

(Published on: 2022-05-31 12:00:00)

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