No Floating at High Skill Levels

Game Mods Overrides Tuning Mods

This mod is excluding floating animations at higher skill levels.

It Available to the health skill meditation and mediums skill.


Even at high levels, the chair will not float during mediumship.

this is a simple mechanism.

Since it overrides the skill interaction, it conflicts with other medium skill overhaul mod.


Prevents floating during meditation at high skill levels.

Teleportation interactions are still available.

This is a somewhat troublesome mechanism, so there may be cases where Interaction doesn’t execute properly or still floating that under conditions that I don’t know.


Prevents performing floating interactions when arriving at a hidden lots via teleport.

This allows your Sims to act immediately, as they no longer have to wait to perform floating interactions.

These floating features are cool but sometimes don’t suit my playstyle so I created this.

Overrides the following tunings

Expansion Packs

Game Packs

Spa Day

Stuff Packs

Paranormal Stuff

(Published on: 2023-10-29 12:00:00)

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