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When I play in the High School, I came to discover that Career Day has the same careers being presented every time it happens (or even a school faculty member if you’re unlucky enough). So I decided to change things up a bit and give it more variety, that way every Career Day is bound to be different!

What does this Mod do?

This tuning mod basically adds more potential careers for teens to learn about during Career Day. There are plenty of careers to choose from already, from the Base Game to Expansion Packs and Game Packs, and I would love to have high school students learn about each one so they have more choices to choose from when they grow-up. With this mod, the game will now choose 3 Sims who are level 7 or higher in their career to be a visiting professional for Career Day rather then a specific level. The Freelancer Career, Self-Employment, and Part-Time/Teen jobs are not included in the career roster for this mod.

Here are the following careers your teen Sim can learn about during Career Day (open the spoilers to view):

The mod requires the High School Years pack since it will simply add all the Base Game careers, but the other packs are optional if you want to add even more careers into the mix. This is my first tuning mod, so any feedback is appreciated!

Expansion Packs

High School Years

(Published on: 2023-06-06 12:00:00)

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