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?Game tested and compatible with 1.99 patch



Added new fix for Horse Ranch cabinet


Initial release

I’ve used similar fixes by Plasticbox long time ago (till they stopped working). Now working on a slot mod addition for cabinets (will be released soon) I got so fed up with the light issue that finally figured out how to fix it (many thanks to Plasticbox, Orangemittens and Tyirsims for guidance and tutorials).

So what does this mode do?

Like the initial Plasticbox’s mod this switches the shader for each model for all EA kitchen cabinets from “Cabinet” to “Counter”. To get rid off the dark shadows I’ve also removed the occluders for all of them.

Some items still have small color difference from their matching counters, it’s mostly visible at the tall pieces of Tall Order, Selvadoradian and Victorian cabinets, but still looks much better than default ones.

What’s included?

These are overrides for the cabinets from Base Game and all the released EP/GP/SP/Kits and they do not mark EA items as CC.

What did I change?

I’ve modified the Light resorces for all the items to remove Occluders and the Model/Model LOD resources to change the shaders.

For BlandCo and BlandCo Used cabinets it was necessary to modify the Object Definitions also, as I’ve renumbered the initial instances. These items use the same models but have different swatches and textures, modifying the model for the first item made impossible switching the swatches of the other, so renumbering was the best way to make them work independently.


Plasticbox for the initial fixes, Orangemittens and Tyirsims for guidance and tutorials, Sims4Studio and EA.

Expansion Packs

City Living
Cottage Living

Game Packs

Spa Day
Jungle Adventure
Dream Home Decorator

Stuff Packs

Cool Kitchen Stuff

(Published on: 2022-07-24 12:00:00)

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