Infant Toddler No Diaper Bathing

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This is still working, okay with the 1.99 patch and Horse Ranch.

New Update! I have reworked my mod it is working in my game. I have two files that you put into your mods folder. Open zip download then open the folder No Diaper Mod then put the AInfantToddlerNudeBathing folder and the Override folder in your Mods folder. If you have an Overrides folder already then the over rode diaper mods need to go in it. I hope you have my same results and this will work for you. Happy Simming everyone.

I created an Override so Infants and Toddlers no longer wear a diaper in the tub when bathing. I know there is a mod for Toddlers here on . My mod isn’t the same as the other Toddler mod.

I have over rode the Toddler and Infant diapers so they are not for tub bathing. I made a Nude Bottom Override for both infant and Toddlers. Again move the folder with the four Override package files into your Mods folder.

I use The Sims 4 Studio to create my Mods. Thank You to everyone at The Sims 4 Studio for helping me be a Modder of my game. (Published on: 2023-06-09 12:00:00)

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