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Back at it again with another crush mod! (Can you tell I desperately want The Sims 4 to have an attraction system?) This mod adds some additional logic to how Sims develop crushes and who they develop them on, including relationship status and social compatibility. I’ve also included multiple flavors which make crushes less likely (or more likely) overall.

Versions (choose only one):

CrushOverhaul-Standard: Keeps the original base chance of 5

CrushOverhaul-LessCrushes: Lowers the base chance to 2.5

CrushOverhaul-EvenLessCrushes: Lowers the base chance to 1

CrushOverhaul-MORECrushes: Raises the base chance to 10


Fully compatible with my Adults Get Crushes Fix, but will conflict with most other mods that modify the conditions for crushes, such as a.deep.indigo‚Äôs Less Random Crushes, so if you’re already using a mod like that you’ll have to choose between that mod and this one.

Changes Included in All Versions:

  • Sims will no longer develop new crushes on Sims with whom they’re already in a committed relationship. (Existing crushes will remain but you can always choose to get over them if it feels silly.)
  • Sims who are in a committed relationship are now much less likely (0.1x) to develop new crushes, unless they have the Noncommittal or Player trait.
  • Sims who already have a crush are now significantly less likely (0.25x) to get another one, unless they have the Noncommittal or Player trait.
  • Originally, Unflirty Sims were coded to never develop crushes. But because aromantic Sims already never develop crushes (the code checks the actor’s romantic orientation before assigning crushes and I made no changes to that part of the code), I wanted the Unflirty trait to have a little more flexibility. Unflirty Sims still have a much lower chance (0.1x) of developing crushes compared to other Sims but it’s no longer impossible. (I thought this might be useful for playing Sims who are gray-romantic or something similar.)
  • If you have Growing Together, social compatibility will now affect the chances of a crush developing. The multipliers for Amazing and Awful Compatibility are the same multipliers that affect the chances of receiving many other positive sentiments in the game. The multipliers for Good and Bad compatibility are in-between values I chose because I still wanted them to have an impact. These are the specific modifiers for each level of compatibility:
    ? 1.5x for Amazing Compatibility
    ? 1.25x for Good Compatibility
    ? 0.5x for Bad Compatibility
    ? 0.25x for Awful Compatibility

NOTE: Crushes assigned by the “Declare Love Publicly” interaction (and some of the chance cards from pier attractions) use a different resource and are currently not affected by this mod. Personally, I don’t mind this since the interactions are not autonomous and getting over unwanted crushes is pretty easy. But if it’s something that others find annoying, I can look into adding that functionality in a future update.

The original conditions for crushes were not completely random (although they were close to it), so there are some additional modifiers that already existed which I left untouched but I thought might be useful for you to know about.

Original multipliers which I didn’t change:

  • Romantic Sims are more likely (1.2x) to develop crushes.
  • Geeks are more likely (1.2x) to develop a crush on a fellow Geek.
  • Sims Young Adult or older are less likely (0.5x) to develop crushes. (note: For Sims Young Adult and older to develop crushes at all, you’ll need my Adults Get Crushes Fix, which is fully compatible with this mod.)

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(Published on: 2023-10-23 12:00:00)

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