Various placement edits that make stuff go against walls

Various placement edits that make
stuff go against walls (and add slots)

These are placement edits for a handful of objects that would normally go
against a wall which makes it so that they actually do so.
Instead of randomly hanging out in the middle of a tile or wherever.
Of course one could also turn on moveobjects and move them by hand,
but I don’t feel like doing that every time I put down a shoe rack.

Update 2015-03-06: So I realised that a rig edit won’t move all of the Maxian dropshadows,
because they apparently have no bone assignments.
Sorry I didn’t notice that before; outdoors and/or on a dark floor
(where I tested all of this) those shadows are hard to see.

Updated with all of these re-done as mesh overrides, except for the Shugart Bookstation,
and also added the Hvit Armoire (the tall dresser) ‒ while I was at it,
I also added slots to some objects.

When you redownload, make sure you throw away the rig overrides or everything will be moved twice!


The zip contains separate packages for the following objects:

  • Tall Bath Cabinet ‒ moved; fixed objects on the middle shelf removed and slots added instead (plus some on top)
  • RAW Bath Shelf ‒ moved; resized to fit the other RAW Shelves; slots added on top
  • Carina Hutch ‒ moved; resized to fit the Carina Display, slots added on top, busted mesh fixed
  • Centurion Hutch ‒ moved; resized to one tile width like the matching display shelf
  • Female and Male Shoe Rack ‒ moved
  • Rectangular Wicker Laundry ‒ moved
  • Hvit Armoire ‒ moved; slots added on top

Overrides the MODL/MLOD/LITE for all of these; overrides the _RIG/RSLT/FTPT for some (or adds a custom one).

The rig edit overrode the OBJDs for all of the Maxis colour variants of these (Base Game,
and adds a custom RIG, except for the Shugart package which is purely a RIG override.
Clones not affected (except for the Shugart: if they reference the default RIG, they will also pick up my edit).



Various placement edits
Various placement edits
Version: 1.0
66 KiB


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