No Musical Notes on Flatulence

No Musical Notes on Flatulence


Simple and plain, this mod removes the silly (to say the least) gaseous musical notes whenever a sim passes gas. Works both for the idle slob animation and for the “noxious cloud” interaction.

Why this mod?

I’ve always found stupid how my sim creates a note whenever I want to make a noxious cloud to someone. I find these kind of pranks funny, but as for me, the musical note removes instantaneously all the “funnyness”. I’ve also noticed hat after installing “get to work”, the slob idle animation got also the musical note, and it started to grind my gears whenever a slob customer entered my shop and releases a stupid musical note from his/her butt, so i made this package.

Install Instructions

Extract the file into Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods (or wherever you may want inside so it works)


Should be compatible with the base game. This mod only overrides the IMG resource (type 00B2D882) 00000000 075BFA5A97BF4521, replacing it with a fully transparent bitmap, and will conflict anything that will try to override the same image.

Additional Credits:
S4PE and GIMP.


No Musical Notes on Flatulence
No Musical Notes on Flatulence
Version: 1.0
66 KiB


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