Sumptuous Kitchen Set

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Sumptuous Kitchen Set


  • Counters with Doors (full set)
  • Counters with Drawers (full set)
  • Counter Island (full set)
  • Cabinets (full set)
  • Glass Door Cabinet
  • Glass Door Left End Cabinet
  • Glass Door Right End Cabinet
  • Glass Door Short Cabinet
  • Glass Door Corner Cabinet
  • Glass Door Tall Cabinet
  • Tall Fridge Cabinet
  • Short Fridge Cabinet
  • Wall Shelf
  • Upper Wall Shelf


  • counters and island come in four countertops each with 12 base colors (48 total swatches)
  • cabinets and shelves come in 12 colors
  • cabinet set has all solid doors
  • glass door cabinets are all separate objects – I wanted to make them one set like normal cabinets but couldn’t make it work
  • counters, shelves, cabinet shelves, and tops of cabinets have lots of slots


SumptuousKitchen: separate files for recoloring or to pick and choose

SumptuousKitchen_Merged: all files merged into one package to save file size

Use, share, recolor, whatever with link and credit please.

However, do not upload to any paysites or sites that require you to download through revenue-generating links (eg, adfly).

A PM would be nice but it’s not necessary.

Polygon Counts:

Additional Credits:

Sims 4 Studio


Paintshop Pro


Normal Map Online

Resources used:

Absolute black slab marble texture seamless 17027

Slab granite marble texture seamless 02147

Slab marble Carrara white texture seamles 02577

Slab marble orobico grey texture seamless 02324

All CC in screenshots is mine:

Paint Wall with Trim

Subway Tile

Kitchen Clutter

Wall Microwaves (Published on: 2016-11-19 12:00:00)

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