Tranquil Mountain and Midnight Cave

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Tranquil Mountain Park, true to its name, offers the respite and plenty of fresh air for your hard-working Sims. Your Sim can choose to pass an afternoon enjoying nature, fishing or barbecuing. For the more adventurous, there is the challenge of climbing Mount Tranquil as well as spelunking in the Midnight Cave and investigating the tunnels of a long ago deserted mine.

Deep in the Midnight Cave, Hemex and Lunite crystals, with their tell-tale peacock blue and violet hues, glisten against the impenetrably dark cavern walls. In this hidden place where night and day are indistinguishable, rare fish can be found in the still and icy waters of the underground lake.

What better place can one go to leave society behind and savor uninterrupted solitude? Imagine a night of camping in the dark and silent bosom of the Sim world, just a roaring fire and you. A relaxing bath in the hot spring tub. Imagine the feel of warm mineral water, loosening your tired muscles.

Before you head out to pay your visit to the park there is one tiny detail you need to know. Gleaming crystals are notoriously difficult to resist. Look but do not touch. Not just for the sake of preserving the beauty of nature, but for your own safety. Taking a single sliver of crystal from the Midnight Cave, even a shard that has fallen on the floor, has proven again and again to be terribly unlucky. Visitors have had all sorts of accidents. From minor things like getting soaked from falling into the lake, to having to be rescued dangling from the cliffs.

The worst piece of bad luck was the very first. It happened 274 years ago to the Shame brothers, Adarn and Wata (In case you are wondering, historians believe Wata to have been short for Walter.) Adarn and his brother happened on the cave one day when they were looking for a lost sheep. The sheep (we do not know its name) apparently fell into what the brother’s thought was a ditch, but actually turned out to be the natural entrance to Midnight Cave. That afternoon they were simply glad to get their sheep and carry the bleating animal safely it back home to the family farm.

A few days later, however, struck with a desire to explore, they returned to the cave. Torch in hand they pressed on room after room. It was impossible not to see the huge crystal formations glistening on the walls. The two brothers, excited by their find, began imagining how much money one they could get from those crystals. Still, they remained perfectly amicable. There were plenty of crystals for both of them. They decided they would split the work of retrieving the crystals and the proceeds evenly.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly when Adarn turned a corner and found himself separated from his brother. He followed the narrow tunnel hoping to find his way back to the main chamber and only succeeded in getting himself further lost. It was at that moment of mingled anxiety and despair that the light of his torch lit on a magnificent cluster of brilliant pink crystals. He was so taken with them that, when he heard his brother call out to him, Adarn was tempted not to reply and douse his torch instead. Dread that he might be lost forever weakened his resolve. He lifted his torch high in the air and waved to his brother, who quickly came to his aid.

When they returned home that night they had dinner as usual and then each retired to the privacy of their own bedroom.

At this point the tale becomes speculation as no one was awake to witness the actual events. According to the story, the two brothers set out secretly under the cover of night, each unaware of the plans of the other. Both headed for the cave, with the intention of taking possession of that magnificent, giant, crystal cluster before the other had a chance to.

The Shame Brothers never returned home.

Many years later the cave was rediscovered, the property purchased and turned into a mine. It was as the new owners were digging a tunnel that they stumbled on the remains of the Shame Brothers half buried under a pile of rocks. From the evidence, it appears that the two brothers reached the cave at the same time and made a race of trying to take the giant gem cluster out of the bedrock. Unfortunately, in their rush they loosened the immense cluster which crashed down on them. Thus, greed snuffed away the lives of Adarn Shame and Wata Shame, which it truly was.

Because of the boulder’s immense size and weight, it was left in place, and the area where the brothers perished, closed off as a memorial. To this day it is said to remain, hidden in the dark bowels of the cave. An intrepid explorer might find it yet. Perhaps it will be you.

Mount Tranquility is completely climbable. Though at points your mountain climbing Sims may temporarily disappear behind giant boulders, rest assured that they will reappear at the other end.

Note: This lot can be both a destination and a residence. The underground apartment, deep in the cave is the perfect place for a solitude loving Sim, a prospector, or ghost Sims to dwell.

The lot was created on the smallest space capable of holding a mountain, so it can be placed in multiple spots on your maps. You can easily transfer it to a larger lot if you are would like to expand the park.

Packs: Get Together, Get to Work, Outdoor Retreat, Perfect Patio, Spa Day and Holiday Celebration.

CC Used:

Olive Juice Wire Patio Set ( outdoor lightpoles ) by Dot at TSR

Photo Walls and Floor By Auntielynd at (Black wall)

Atrui Got through Rocks by Atrui at

Buyable Ponds by Snaitf at


GCA’s Large Space Rock Recolors by Grilled Cheese Aspiration

Old Floors by Granny Zaza (floor 4)

Natural Stone Wall Set by xMisakix

Painted Countess Windows by Ineliz at TSR

Buyable Fishing Spots by Snaitf at…ebones-set.html

Windkeepers Bare bones (Skeletons) by DaerOn…grass-pack.html

TS4 Grass Pack by Helen Sims (walk-thru grass)

Liberated Get to Work Objects by fran89 at (download EP01 Liberated Rocks)

Lot Size: 40×30

Lot Price (furnished): 100,691

Lot Price (unfurnished): 68,314

Expansion Packs

Get to Work
Get Together

Game Packs

Outdoor Retreat
Spa Day

Stuff Packs

Perfect Patio Stuff

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