Lincoln’s Broadsheet Hairdo From The Urbz: Sims in The City (GBA /DS) Require GTW!

Body Shop Hair Male Young Adult

It’s been a few months since I posted my previous mod. This time I finally has the guts to release one of my most stable hairdo! I’ve been making a lot of hairs but sometimes things just don’t seem right maybe the mesh is too spiky, shadows problem, etc. But I made an exception for some of my hair mods, this is one of the most successful hair mod that is safe for public consumption!

Lincoln has been my favorite character the first time I play Urbz on DS when I was 10, he’s got that geeky vibe and critical yet rather radical mindset. At first I was too lazy to make his hair so I tried to find some cc that might suit my taste but alas, It is nothing more than a failure. So, I finally decide to create this hair a year ago and works really well! Although you need the get to work expansion pack to “get it to work”, heh heh. (Dad jokes intended) Welp, sorry if you don’t like the jokes.

Anyway dad jokes aside this hair is fit as a fiddle and no, this is not a default replacement so the original GTW male hair that I use as this base remains.

Here’s a few shot of Lincoln plus how the hair looks like in CAS overall and In-game. Scroll to the bottom for my extra 3D render for Lincoln!


Get to work EP (I can’t guarantee it will work without GTW)

How to use:

put this mod on your documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods folder or any other subfolder inside the Mod folder

be sure to use the Custom Content only filter on CAS. (I forgot which is it but there’s that.)

CAS overall:

(He can finally walk instead of floats like a ghost like when the time he’s using Isaac Rossum belt)

and he’s charm looks pretty toned down at TS2 PSP (PLUS WHAT’S WITH THAT FRECKLES?! And why is his eyes are brown when it was suppose to be blue (In-game sprite) or green (Urbz Render))

In Game world:

3D Render (Rendered in Blender 2.80)

This is my old version of Lincoln, I haven’t had a chance to render my new tweaked Lincoln yet.

I had to make his pose on my own tho… -_-


Feel free to include this on one of your downloadable sims

You can also include my mesh if you want to retexture this mod

Please do not put my mods in any paysites.

Don’t forget to check out my other stuffs that I made here on by clicking on

my name next to my profile picture! I’ll do my best to post here often!


Everyone in Sims4Studio web

Staffs that’s really patient and has been guiding me and point out my errors

(Thanks a bunch guys, I really mean it <3)

My big sister who supported me ^^

Lincoln Old:

Skin: S-Club

Eye: ??? (I forgot)

Eyebrow: S-Club (Maybe?)

Wheelchair: Severinka

Lincoln New:

Skin: Tearference

Eyes: LutessaSims – Etheral Lenses

Eyebrow: S-Club (Maybe? Same as before)

Tools Used:

Canva (Thumbnail only)


Blender 2.76

Photoshop CS6

Expansion Packs

Get to Work

(Published on: 2023-09-07 12:00:00)

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