Summer in Del Sol Valley – asymmetrical dress

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What started out as one thing wound up being something entirely different. The original intention was to make a red-carpet dress that I could use wallpaper texture as fabric print, and boy oh boy is this not it. This is for strutting in the heat of Del Sol Valley, a high-life walk along a boardwalk, or a summer movie premiere. Maybe even bridesmaids’ dresses for a late-spring wedding, a cocktail party in Oasis Springs, or a prom date in the heat.

With a tasteful slit on one side and a slightly longer drape on the other, this dress is frankenmeshed and frankentextured, with a little bit of flair by yours truly, and I can’t believe I did it in one day. It also comes in 27 colors, my newly-expanded La Croix palette, and is flagged for both Formal and Partywear.

If I ever start to do a slit-skirt that’s not an outright conversion again…please tell me to don’t.

And if you want to do recolors, as always, feel free and point me at ’em, but I’ll warn you: due to the nature of the slit-skirt, it will in no way do patterns well. (Published on: 2023-11-01 12:00:00)

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