Immortal Spellcaster, No Aging Anymore

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Annoyed by the fact that your Immortal Spellcaster either dies anyway or gets old and lives if they got lucky?

This changes to the Immortal Spellcaster trait prevents your Spellcaster from ageing after reaching the age Young Adult. 😀

Nothing big, but at least you can keep your favourite Spellcaster around as long as you wish.

This mod makes your Spellcaster more like how Werewolf is immortal with Immortal Wolf trait, so the age spawn stays at same (e.g. Days till age up: 11)

P.S. This is first mod I decided to share (since I didn’t find any online), so let me know in case of problems or if you desire other versions of this (e.g. stop ageing after reaching teen or adult)



Version v2.0 updated for game patch released on 03/14/2023. Nothing major changes so old one doesn’t break anything (as far as I have tested… but better update than be sorry :D)

Also, same mod without the visual effect on the sim’s neck. Enjoy! ^_^

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(Published on: 2022-07-23 12:00:00)

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