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Hihi, I remade DirkWasAlwaysHere’s DID Trait that works with your sims profile. Took me an embarrassingly long time to do because I didn’t know what I was doing lol (Special thanks to the support at Zerbu’s Realm for helping me out) but here it is! It’s not 100% complete but I wanted to put something out so you’ll have a trait that’s at least fully functional. If there’s any issues please feel free to let me know.

(Highly recommend using this with Chingyu’s Stay fine mod)

From DirkWasAlwaysHere’s post

What is Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) – Dissociative Identity Disorder (previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder) is a mental disorder characterized by two or more distinct dissociated states and is an extreme form of dissociation. DID is caused by severe childhood trauma and those with DID will also experience PTSD. DID always manifests in childhood.

Little disclaimer: As I mentioned before this trait is primarily modelled after DirkWasAlwaysHere’s trait therefore its going to end up being just as simplistic as his was. However DID will always be a highly personalized experience to each individual and no two cases are going to be exactly the same. That being said a vast majority of DID cases are covert. Commonly they will view alters as them but different. Switches tend to be far less noticable or clear then overt cases (overt DID is where switches between alters are more often then not clear and distinct) but both will experience roughly the same severity of dissociative symptoms.


System – A term used to describe the entire group of alters.

Alter – Some people will use the terms parts instead of alters. These are the different dissociated states sharing the body (body being the physical body of a system or a person with DID).

Fronting – When an alter/part is controlling the body.

Conscious – When another alter/part is present but not necessarily controlling the body.

Switch – The transition from one alter to another

Inner World – Lots people with DID will have an inner world, but not all. This is a place where alters are when they are not fronting or conscious. It can be anything from a simple room to an entire solar system and alters typically look different from the body while in their inner world. There are no specific requirements or rules related to them and they can behave or react completely differently from another system’s inner world.

This mod contains (Lmk if I missed anything):

Much like their trait, everything is done via moodlets and, in the near future, social interactions. Please do not ask me to incorporate names or the ability to name alters. That would most likely require me making a whole fleshed out mod and that’s not something I know how to or currently willing to do atm. Making this alone already took me way too long as is.


Host – Moodlet: Fine +2 – Mood(s) that trigger this buff: Fine, Bored, Sad, Confident, and Happy

The host is an alter that fronts the most often out of everyone. Hosts are responsible for most aspects of daily life. Typically, but not always, they’re apparently normal parts (ANPs).

Little(s) – Moodlet: Playful/Energized +2 – Mood(s) that trigger this buff: Playful, Energized

Littles are child alters.

Caretaker – Moodlet: Happy/Focused (when co-con with littles) +2 – Mood(s) that trigger this buff: Playful, Energized

Caretakers are a type of protective alter that may care for certain alters or the system in general.

Nonhuman – Moodlet: Uncomfortable +2 – Mood(s) that trigger this buff: Uncomfortable

Nonhuman alters are alters that see themselves as animals, fantasy creatures, or even inanimate objects.

ISH – Moodlet: Focused +2 – Mood(s) that trigger this buff: Focused

ISH stands for Internal Self-Helper. These alters have extensive knowledge on how their system functions, triggers, and coping mechanisms. They tend to be facilitators of the recovery process.

Teen (Only available for Young Adults and up) – Moodlet: Energized +2 – Mood(s) that trigger this buff: Energized (On Sun-Tues/Thurs/Sat)

Pretty self explanatory, this alter/part’s mental age is between 13-17.

You? (Only available for teens) – Moodlet: Energized +2 – Mood(s) that trigger this buff: Energized (On Sun-Tues/Thurs/Sat)

This alter is posing as your sim/host.

Dormant – Moodlet: Scared +2 – Mood(s) that trigger this buff: Scared (On Mon)

This is less of an alter role and more of just something that can happen with alters called dormancy. When an alter is dormant they are inactive. They don’t front, they can’t be co-conscious or co-front, they can’t come through with passive influence, you can’t communicate with them etc.

Trauma Holder – Moodlet: Scared +2 – Mood(s) that trigger this buff: Scared (On Sun/Tues-Sat)

Trauma holders are emotional parts (Eps) remember/hold on to traumatizing memories.

Social – Moodlet: Flirty +2 – Mood(s) that trigger this buff: Flirty

Pretty self explanatory, they’re a social butterfly.

Shy – Moodlet: Embarrassed +2 – Mood(s) that trigger this buff: Embarrassed (On Sun/Mon/Wed/Thurs/Fri)

Pretty self explanatory, they’re shy.

Insider – Moodlet: Embarrassed +2 – Mood(s) that trigger this buff: Embarrassed (On Tuesday/Saturdays)

This isn’t any particular role but internal alters are alters that dont to front that often. They to prefer staying in the inner world or hanging out in the “backseat.”

Blending – Moodlet: Dazed +2 – Mood(s): Dazed

Blending, or partial integration, would be when individual alters come very close to each other (figuratively) and they, for a period of time, function in a unified way. Which in some ways can be highly productive, but can also be very chaotic in other cases. It causes massive identity confusion and behaviors that might not make sense when out of said state.

Protector – Moodlet: Stressed +2 – Mood(s): Stressed

Protectors are alters that protect the body, system, host, or other specific alters or groups of alters from situations, emotions, people, other alters, etc…

Hot-Headed – Moodlet: Angry +2 – Mood(s): Angry

This alter is in reference to persecutors (I don’t use persecutor in game because personally I think the label is really counter productive). Persecutor alters are alters who attempt to protect the system through backwards or harmful methods, such as harming the body to try and prepare for physical abuse.

Random Moodlets that will show up:

Thinking About Inner World – This Sim is thinking about their inner world. (+1 Fine)

Spooked By Inner World – Sometimes your inner world can be a little scary… (+1 Scared)

Addition To Inner World – Something new got added to your inner world! Nice! (+1 Happy)

Co-Fronting – Another alter is co-fronting right now. (+2 Fine)

Conscious – More than one Alter is conscious right now. (+2 Dazed)

Influencing – Another alter is influencing right now. (+1 Inspired)

Trying To Front – Someone else is trying to front right now, but you want to stay fronting yourself. (+2 Dazed)

Friendly Jabs – Someone conscious is teasing you! It’s all joking, though. (+1 Playful)

Making Jokes – Someone conscious keeps making funny jokes! You have to keep yourself from laughing out loud. (+2 Playful)

Chatter – There are enough alters conscious that it’s getting a little hard to focus. (+1 Dazed)

Dissociating – You’re dissociating a little bit. (+1 Dazed)

Conflict – There is some inner conflict going on. (+1 Stressed)

Like A Fly On A Wall – Some alters just love being really annoying backseat gamers! (+2 Angry)

Controlled buffs:

Childlike Voice – “BUBBLLEEESS!” (+3 Happy) | 50/50 chance when taking bubble baths

Dissociating – You can’t seem to recognize your reflection (+6 Dazed) | from mirror

That’s Not Me – You can’t see yourself in your own reflection. (+2 Sad) | from mirror

Reflection – for once you seem to find yourself staring back at you (+3 Happy) | from mirror

Cautious Voice – “there’s something off about that sim… can we please leave!” (+1 Uncomfortable) | while around mean or evil sim

Positive trigger – This sim is a positive trigger for you! (+3 happy) | while around sim with +70 friendship

Negative trigger – This sim is a negative trigger for you! (+5 stressed) | while around sim with -70 friendship

Future Updates:

I plan on using Lumps mood mod for this trait and adding interactions so your sim can talk about their disorder. Feel free to offer up suggestions on what I should add, or if there’s any problems I need to fix. Can’t promise I’ll do every single one of them but I will take it into consideration. (Published on: 2023-10-11 12:00:00)

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