Functional Cute Critter Set Pt1

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Hello again!

This time I bring you a gift for your kiddos and animal lovers! It’s the Functional Cute Critter Hamper! I love this basket as a sculpture but didn’t like that it was completely nonfunctional,so I fixed it.

The Hamper is a clone of the Basket and thus costs the same. It is located with the laundry hampers and custom content.

A special thanks to Gauntlet101010 for helping me get this fixed and fully functional.

If you downloaded this prior to June 25th 2023 please re-download for the fully functioning version.

It does still have some issues if it’s on a different level than the washing machine and the house has ladders (in my testing house, sims choose the ladders over the stairs, your mileage may vary). (Published on: 2023-06-23 12:00:00)

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