Frankenstein mad scientist desk set

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Hello. I have finished this mini set for your mad scientist for play or story telling.

It consist of seven objects.

Body parts in jars.

Five decorative jars with decorative body parts for your mad scientist to enjoy.

Male head, female head, a brain with eyes, hands and a foot.

They are found at function–> decorative—> Misc (miscellaneus) for 50 each one

Mad scientist desk.

A desk for your mad scientist works and projects with some slots for deco items.

Its found under function–> Surfaces—> Desks for 300

Un-electric chair

An un-electric electric chair for your mad scientist to sit

Its found under function–> Comfort—> Desk chairs for 1200

The deco jars has one color the chair three and the desk four.

Any coments are highly appreciated.

Polygon Counts:

Body parts in jars.

Male head


1427 faces 1092 vertex

Shadow Hi/med/low

1425 faces 1088 vertex

Female head


1225 faces 992 vertex

Shadow Hi/med/low

1223 faces 988 vertex

Brain and eyes


738 faces 544 vertex

Shadow Hi/med/low

736 faces 540 vertex



957 faces 717 vertex

Shadow Hi/med/low

955 faces 713 vertex



613 faces 437 vertex

Shadow Hi/med/low

611 faces 433 vertex

Mad scientist desk


242 faces 376 vertex

Shadow Hi/med

192 faces 336 vertex

Un-electric chair


630 faces 756 vertex

Shadow Hi/med

604 faces 724 vertex

Additional Credits:

, Sims 4studio “jackpot” (Published on: 2016-11-16 12:00:00)

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