Delusions of Grandeur (NO CUSTOM CONTENT)

Lots & Housing Residential

The second offering from Draxton Reality, Newcrest Branch.

Live who you are! No matter what you can afford to spend.

Sometimes you aspire toward GREAT things, but your budget falls a bit short.

Practice your pretension in this lovely mostly modern home.

The Second home in my personal Newcrest Project

20×15 lot

3 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms

With option to buy fully furnished!

Lot Size: 20×15

Lot Price (furnished): 86752

Lot Price (unfurnished): 30570

Expansion Packs

Get Together

Game Packs

Outdoor Retreat
Spa Day
Dine Out

Stuff Packs

Cool Kitchen Stuff
Movie Hangout Stuff
Romantic Garden Stuff
Kids Room Stuff

(Published on: 2016-11-17 12:00:00)

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