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My little comeback (:

I keep experimenting with game ability in building skyscrapers. This time I used ‘platform’ method, unlike my previous skyscraper with ‘foundation’ method. It means your camera will be more stable and won’t jump because of the difference in the floors’ level. How it works:

First floor is ’empty’. It’s occupied by the ‘wrapping’ of the building, formed by square stands (which means you better to pay attention for your sims. Don’t let them to put books/dirty dishes/etc. into random places. Otherwise it will be hard to find them).

Second floor is the first floor of your apartment. Here are living room with an aquarium, bathroom and kitchen. Stairs made of decorative panels, which means they are not functional. BUT – I used elevator mod and configured it to work so your sims can use stairs without problems and reach the second (literally 3d) floor. Here’s one big bedroom with lounge zone and bathroom. I also left there little room of ‘elevator shaft’ to keep it realistic. The third floor of your flat (and 4th of skyscraper) is empty in case if you want to build something instead of an apartment, or if you need more living space. The last floor is a continuation of the wrapping.


The only mod you need for the proper functioning of the building is Functional Elevator Door and Portals mod by TheSimmer40. You need 2 files: first for the portals and second for the door, called TS40_ElevatorDoor_CLModern_Short. Don’t forget to change the colors of portal rugs on transparent in the build mode (example on the last screenshot).

Other custom content is decorative and doesn’t affect on the skyscraper’ structure. Anyway, I saved lot with mods because I was inspired by Cyberpunk 2077 and wanted to recreate futuristic atmosphere. You can get mods here:

1. Hologram palm tree from Vaporwave Set 2 by NICKNAME_sims 4

2. Hologram 1 by NICKNAME_sims 4

3. Hologram 2 by NICKNAME_sims 4

4. Neon Set: Cyberpunk, 8bit Arcade, Dragons by Hydrangea. From this set you need only CyberCorp Neon Signs.

5. Holo fish by Natalia-Auditore

6. Cyberpunk City Clutter by Networksims. You need only 3 files with holograms.

7. Wall Letters D├ęcor by Onyx Sims (Merged)

8. Dark Future Billboards by Sims41ife


1. As I said, camera should behave well, but it also can jump because the floors located too high. Just find comfortable position for playing. I think the game doesn’t consider this height as playable. It also makes another problem: taking screenshots from the position of the viewer (sim) can be hard, because the camera is aimed too sharply.

2. I didn’t know where to place mailbox, so it’s hidden in the ‘wrapping’ on the first floor. I suppose sims can’t use it, but you always can solve problems with phone.

3. Your main entrance is the door on the very first floor. Use it for guest visits, club meetings, or locking it up. You can change the elevator door to the main entrance, but I don’t recommend it, because then you won’t be able to enter the building as a guest.

4. 90% of the building consists of the ‘wrapping’: these are decorative elements such as stands and lamps, placed with the help of TOOL Mod. I do not advise buying this lot without furniture, or leaving it, taking it with your sim. In this case, you’ll get floors hanging in the air.

Place with moveobjects

If you have any questions or problems, please let me know.

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(Published on: 2023-06-21 12:00:00)

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