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I’ve liberated a few select items from the debug menu of the My Wedding Stories pack.

The table and chair I have made fully functional, and the umbrellas are just decorative (I can never find them in the debug menu).

Catalogue details

*Rattan Garden Chair: Comfort > Outdoor Furniture (§100)

Stone Garden Table: Surfaces > Misc (§100)

Sun Umbrella (Closed): Decorations > Clutter & Decorations > Sculptures (§50)

Sun Umbrella (Open): Decorations > Clutter & Decorations > Sculptures (§50)

*I have added new swatches to the chair, I used an existing chair from the pack and recreated as best I could the available swatches so it can match the other items. They won’t be perfect, as I’m not particularly skilled with GIMP.

Additional Credits

Sims 4 Studio, GIMP, Blender

Expansion Packs

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(Published on: 2022-07-19 12:00:00)

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