TS2 to TS4 – Loose Pajama Pants

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I’m on a mission. A quest. A thing, if you will. And while generally I hate doing pants and skirts due to the nonsense of waist matching, that mission/quest/thing does include many, many TS2 conversions, and this time, it’s the pajama pants. Originally just for adult men, I decided to be friendly to the cozy-comfies and the femme-framed gents and make these for both frames, teen and up. Using the original TS2 textures upscaled and a higher polycount than the original for maximum cozeā„¢, these pants are available as both pajamas and athletic wear. There’s some minor clipping on the top of the feet when you wear shoes, but nothing too horribly egregious, and they work with both untucked and tucked shirts alike. I also found an alternate source for bump mapping, so that looks quitet a bit better than previous offerings!

Enjoy your lazy days! (Published on: 2023-10-12 12:00:00)

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