Spooky Mingos – BGC Lawn Deco (Simblreen 2022)

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As Simblreen approaches us once again, I figured I would share some Halloween goodies I made last year.

Here’s the Simblreen 2022 treat I was most excited to share, my Spooky Mingos as they appear to be called at retail? I saw these guys IRL one time and they’re so silly. Skeleton flamingo is one of my favorite Inexplicably Skeletal Animals for Halloween time.

I upscaled & cleaned up the original flamingo texture, and then painstakingly hand painted the skeleton swatch in Blender’s texture paint mode. I’m really happy with how they turned out.

  • BGC retexture
  • 5 spooky swatches
  • itschy goodness
  • color tagged & custom thumbnail
  • tagged as sculpture and lawn ornament
  • catalog tags: halloween itsonlythee flamingo skeleton

Catalog description:

Give your lawn some Halloween style with these Spooky Mingos! 100% more spooky than your run of the mill Pink Flamingo, guaranteed. Comes in 4 boneless and 1 bone-in varieties!

(Published on: 2023-10-01 12:00:00)

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