Spaghetti-strap Tanktop Re-tucked

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Edit 6/18: Updated! There are now two versions updated for all frames, a standalone that shows up alongside the original, or an override that replaces the original with the tucked version. Shout out again to Menaceman44 for reaching out and directing me to the right resources to figure that out.

Edit 6/17: Currently working on updating it as both a standalone or override and for all frames. Standby, should be up by tomorrow at the latest.

Apparently, EA decided at some point to change the way this tanktop is layered. Why, I can’t fathom, but it ticked me right off and broke quite a few outfits in the process. I’m not entirely convinced it was intentional, because the normal map on even other EA bottoms shows through it in a way I don’t think it should, but either way, I’m over it.

This is a standalone “recolor.” It contains all the original swatches (did you know swatches 10 and 13 had the same color, despite having different textures? I fixed that too), except now this top will layer underneath overlapping bottoms the same way it used to.

I would love to make it an override, but I don’t know how to change the layer settings on existing items. The only reason this was possible for me was because I had an old CC recolor of this tank that used the correct layering, and I was able to clone it. It’s female only, because I don’t have anything to clone for the other frames.

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Sims 4 Studio



BleachSims, whose pride tanktops remaining tucked inspired this (Published on: 2023-06-17 12:00:00)

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