Ribbed A-line Tanktops

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In today’s installment of “Kat manages their expectations,” I bring you a set of ribbed A-line tanktops for both frames in (primarily) neutral colors, because they don’t already exist in the game and I feel strongly that they should.

There are two versions, a thick ribbing and a thin one. The masculine cut has five swatches of each and the feminine cut has six. Both have a black, grey, white, and blue swatch. The masculine cut has an additional green swatch, and the feminine cut has brown and magenta.

These appear as a standalone item in CAS and are tagged identically to the matching plain swatches from EAs tanktop. You can download only the feminine cut, only the masculine, or both merged into one file. (Published on: 2023-06-17 12:00:00)

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