Paige O’Malley Grows Up (Based on the Emily Delicious character.)

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Ever since I made a Sim Emily Delicious I’ve been wanting to add her daughter, Paige O’Malley, to the family. Unfortunately, she was still barely more than a baby in the earlier episodes of the game and could not be depicted in the Sims 4 properly.

This month the newest Emily Delicious time management game was released, Emily’s Christmas Carol. In it Paige has started Pre-K. Again, no toddlers so there is no way to translate that stage into a Sim.

So, I created a Sim that was built to look as closely as possible to what Paige would look like if she were a few years older (The school age child the Sims 4 offers), complete with the just the right wardrobe to accent her budding personality. Then I put her into the young adult stage, so you can download her both as a child and an adult.

Not only do you get a peek at what little Paige may look like as a grown up, before the game developers do, but you can use the older version of Paige as her own big sister! They look wonderful together. I’ve included a picture with them side by side so you can see for yourself.

Note: Whichever Sim version you choose, if you decide to age her up or age her down, her wardrobe, because of the nature of the will change to some arbitrary combination. If you want them to look like the pictures, you will need to adjust their hair, make-up and clothing accordingly. Also, adult Sims require more traits, so they will need to be added. Please keep in mind that in the Sims 4 a child needs an adult to form a household, so you will need another Sim to live with Paige if you chose to put her in your game as a child.

Packs used: Get to Work, Holiday Celebration, Outdoor Retreat. (Packs are not necessary for the Sim to work, they only affect her clothing.)

CC used: The same CC makeup is used for both Sim versions. The clothing and hair for the adult Sim contains no CC.…yer-you-need-to

Angel Toy Set by A Lucky Day…DAngel-Toys-Set

Other link for the Angel Toy Set by A Lucky Day…-in-top-jackets

Winter Jacket (kids) by In a Bad Romance (hot pink)…

Child Hanging Mittens Unisex by Marigold

Lullaby Gentle Blusher by Screaming Mustard at TSR (1st from the top, 3rd from the left)

S77 Child Eyeliner 01 by Sonata77 at TSR (1st from the top, 3rd from the left)…visited-release

Real Lips Revisited by Picture Amoebae (Use the RLR low opacity, 2nd from the top, 4th from the left) (Published on: 2016-11-25 12:00:00)

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