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No update needed for (August/Carribean patch) !

This mod disables culling

What is culling?

Culling is a background process run in the middle of the night to remove households for performance :

– Households that are not favorites can be culled when the population reaches around 575

– Households who are favorites are never culled

– In addition to that, non favorites Sims who have a favorite Sims as a close relative can also be kept (up to 100) in a simplifed state.

Additional notes

There are some other mods that change the culling :

– MC Command Center ( has an option to disable it. You shouldn’t use my mod if you already have MC Command Center.

– Dark Gaia’s No More Culling ( disables culling too but hasn’t been updated recently. You can use my mod instead of Dark Gaia’s if you want a more up to date version.

Technical details

It replaces the function that calls the culling (StoryProgressionActionMaxPopulation.process_action) with a function that does nothing, thus disabling culling completely


Unzip it into your Mod folder and don’t forget to enable script mods (Game Options > Other)


It will conflict with any mod that changes :

– process_action in StoryProgressionActionMaxPopulation

Game version used :

Tested with : (Published on: 2016-11-24 12:00:00)

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