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A Mega Market has opened up in the neighbourhood! Hot, freshly baked goods, crisp vegetables, and an affordable meat and fish selection for every sim! There’s also a selection of non-perishables, pet foods, clothing, and fresh flowers. Don’t worry about the price of convenience, just enjoy the perks!


Eco-Lifestyle introduced dumpster diving as both a gameplay mechanic and a way to sustainably source ‘meals and deals’, but incorporated the mechanic in such a way that disconnected this movement from the actual critique it attempts to convey. Voluntary dumpster diving has arisen as an anarchist critique of consumerism. It poses that, by redirecting consumer capitalism’s ‘waste stream’ to those in need, the system that produces excess waste is dismantled. In reality, this view is too idealistic to create any real change, since the movement remains dependent upon capitalistic forms of supply and therefore does not push for reform. Although the lifestyle could be individually rewarding from a moral standpoint, it cannot be scaled up to a societal scale.

Within The dumpsters are placed in seemingly random locations throughout the world, divorcing the dumpster diving movement from their consumerist critique. After all, where are these dumpsters actually found in real life? Often attached to large corporations that produce food for mass disposable consumerism. Freshly baked goods don’t stay fresh for long, and everything that’s not sold at the end of the day is –too often still- thrown out. In order to keep this fresh, instant selection available every day, corporations go through this cycle every day.

This mod is a way to help create this corporate context within the Sims 4. Even though dumpster diving is not a valid alternative resource in a sustainable future, it does include valid criticism about the flaws of modern corporate policy and contemporary consumerism. This mod places the dumpsters in the back of a relatively large corporate supermarket. In doing so, the mod visualises the system that produces excess waste, something that has largely remained invisible within The Sims 4.


The packs here are mainly for decorating the different sections of the supermarket. You’ll get the best experience if you have all of them, but the items can be replaced.

Eco Lifestyle – Dumpsters

Seasons – Fruit and Vegetables

Cottage Living – Fruit and Vegetables

Cats & Dogs – Pet Section

Get to Work – Functional Store


Essig, Laurie. “Fine diving: Young anarchists with guts of steel raid dumpsters for edible “trash.” The idea? Divert waste to end wastefulness.” Salon, June 10, 2002.

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Expansion Packs

Get to Work

Eco Lifestyle
Cottage Living

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